Bentonite is a mineral clay primarily consisting of three-layered Aluminosilicate with molecules of water between layers such as Montmorillonite mixed with some related minerals like Nontronite and Beidellite. It has different variables with different primary cations found as per their nature, such as, for naturally occurring sodium bentonite, exchangeable sodium cations are primary rather than other cations such as magnesium, calcium, etc. Similarly in calcium bentonite, calcium cations are primary. From a wide variety available throughout the world, sodium variant bentonite has high swelling and gelling properties as well as good liquid limit and viscosity.

The Bentonite found in the Kutch district of India is of volcanic origin. It was framed millions of years ago, conceivably from the volcanic ashes falling in stale saline water in semi-dry conditions. Because of the common qualities of these specific volcanic remains, the chemical composition of this Bentonite is fairly not the same as the Bentonite accessible in the remainder of the world. The greater part of these deposits is of natural sodium Bentonite with higher iron content which gives them their darker tone. Because of the very fine particle size, this Bentonite shows the extra-ordinary swelling capacity and bonding powers. These distinctions imply that the Bentonite finds the most number of uses in different industries throughout the world.

Applications: –

  • Foundry:

Foundry operations

All Cast Iron, Steel and Malleable iron founders are almost using Bentonite with cost-efficient results, Kutch region is famous for a very good Sodium Bentonite for casting industries continuous mould making and is successfully used thereby. Bentonite is used as a bonding material in the preparation of moulding sand for the production of cast iron, steel, and non-ferrous casting. The unique properties of bentonite yield green sand moulds with good flowability, compact ability and thermal stability for the production of high-quality castings.

Our foundry grade Bentonite is sodium-based bentonite of high purity mined and processed especially for foundry from ores with a high composition of montmorillonite.

Highlighted features of our Foundry grade Bentonite are:

  • Excellent gelling which gives high strength in less mulling time.
  • Swelling and pH maintaining.
  • Acts as a quick bonding element.
  • Great thermal stability with the generation of lesser dead clay.
  • Maintaining active clay due to high montmorillonite values.
  • High strength on good compatibility.
  • Environmentally Acceptable.
  • Iron Ore Pelletising:

Iron Ore Pellets

Our IOP grade bentonite is unique sodium-based bentonite which is an extraordinary solution for Iron Ore Pellet binding, and it can also withstand higher temperature since it contains more percentages of metal. This grade is particularly having a higher natural percentage of Iron which is ideal in isolating ore pellets with the maximum percentages of iron. The Iron Ore Pelletization plant can be able to maintain active clay levels with reduced additions of Bentonite since IOP grade bentonite is having high Mont Values, it also offers more supervisor thermal durability.

  • Animal Feed:

A cow eating its feed

We offer various grades for animal feed (Pellet binder, Toxin Binders, Micronutrients binder).

Highlighted features and importance of our Animal feed grades:

  • It works as a toxin binder for aflatoxins, ochratoxins and T2 toxins
  • It does not bind vitamins in the gut.
  • It maintains the acid-base balance of the gut.
  • The special mineral components protect the liver and so liver generation is faster.
  • It increases the viscosity of food in the gut of the movement of ingesta slows down. Food remains in the intestine for a longer time. Due to this, the cow gets more time to absorb the nutrients.
  • It acts as an immune supportive supplement because of which the general mortality comes down.
  • It works as a pellet binder, minimises wastage due to fines. Pellets will be hard and at the same time will dissolve faster in water.
  • It replaces molasses as a pellet binder resulting in a reduction in losses and money-saving.
  • It improvises pellet durability.
  • Reduction in losses due to turning of pellets to powder on breaking.
  • Lubricating action resulting in less friction and therefore reduced wear on-die plates and reduction in energy consumption.
  • Drilling Fluids:


One of the largest volume markets for Bentonite still remains Well Drilling. Bentonite is a mud constituent for oil and water well drilling. Its role is mainly to seal the borehole walls, remove drill cuttings and lubricate the cutting head. The special higher mud yield results in using less quantity of bentonite for the same standard mud.

This results in lesser requirements of Bentonite.

Highlighted Features of API-OCMA Grades bentonite powder:

  • Retains thixotropic properties when met with brine and high temperature in deep drilling.
  • Gives a high barrel yield
  • Withstands formation pressure.

The characteristics of drilling mud are provided as per the API (American Petroleum Institute) and OCMA (Oil Companies Materials Association).

  • Construction and Civil Engineering:

A construction site

We offer premium grades of Bentonite which are the best solution for Civil Engineering Applications consisting of excellent Thixotropy properties, Super Viscosifier, Best suspension agent, Good Filtration control and High yield in water. These grades are being supplied in Diaphragm, cut off and retaining wall construction, Piling-caisson sinking, Grouting, Tunnelling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pipe Jacking, Cement Concrete additives.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large Surface Area
  • Commendable Gelling Strength
  • Excellent plasticity and lubricity
  • Impermeability
  • Significantly low filter loss
  • Environmentally acceptable
  • Agriculture:

An Indian farmer taking care his farmland

We offer the SPAGRO series of products for agricultural applications which are well known and used in various countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and Japan.

  • Pesticides:

farmer protecting the land by adding pesticides

We offer a series of product grades for pesticide in both powder and granules form.

  • Water Proofing:

We offer premium grades of Bentonite which are the best solution for Water Proofing Applications consisting of excellent Thixotropy properties, Super Viscosifier, Best suspension agent, Good Filtration control and High yield in water.

  • Cat Litter:

We offer a number of choices in Cat Litter. Bentonite, Diatomite, and Silica-based cat litters are served by us.


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